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I did (and still do, as of 2018) major contributions to


A small collection of programs that I wrote. License is always GPL3, and languages always C++11.


sca-toolsuite is a collection of tools for simulation of cellular automata (CA). It includes:
  • simulators for CA, including a GUI
  • a tool to do image manipulation by formula
  • the (probably) world's fastest algorithm for sandpile CA
  • exporters to different formats, e.g. latex, text, tga


array-size is a simple example for SFINAE. It calculates the run-time-size of an array which is only passed via pointer in a template. It works with g++ and clang++, though I would not rely that it works with every compiler.


minimal is a minimal osc sequencer with a powerful C++11 interface. It can currently play simple melodies on zynaddsubfx. Soon, it will be able to handle automation and effects. In the future, it might be a powerful tool to draw images, create videos and even control computer games.