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A few scenes from the OpenTTD map I play on.

You can download the whole map (version from October 28 2019 19:35:37.) using this link. Enlarge pictures by clicking on them.

Limstadt is a three track station, where only the track in the middle can be used in both directions

The special thing is that trains entering or exiting the middle tracks do not affect trains in the opposite directions. The same behaviour could have been achieved using path signals, however, then, trains would not wait where the entry signals are placed now if there was no free track in the station.

Freudenhaven is a station with partially shared directions, too.

For trains passing from left to right, only the three upper tracks can be used.

As for the left side, the amount of trains that can leave or enter the station simulatenously is 4.

Holzmuenster is a typical large station with fully separated directions.

Using the depots on both sides of the station, trains can easily turn around. Additionally, the left depot can be used for trains passing through the station from left to right. It features acceleration and slowdown lanes in all directions.

Niddabrueck originally had its train station where now a two way tunnel is built. Thus, the station was hard to reach for passengers.

In order to solve this, there was a new station built in the center. Contrary, the old one was covered by a tunnel, which is now only being used for express trains. The entry to the center station features a high curve radius. Additionally, trains coming from the top can use these tracks to turn around.

Instead of a regular crossing, here a cycle was built to achieve the desired. Additionally, trains can bypass the cycle horizontally.

The cycle also contains a depot, which is reachable on every route. When trains slow down for entering the depot, they are kept on a separate track.

Nienfeld was one of the earliest stations on this map. The pictures show its development.

On the left picture, one can already see the tracks which were later extended into a speedway. Besides, the whole city got a commuter railway system. Also, diesel and electrical trains can be seen regularly now.

Kornstadt is almost a prejudice of a rural station. Here, a Dash DMU is entering the station, bringing passengers from a city to the small town.